April 27, 2020: This site is affiliated with the "Ham Radio FOG (Future Oriented Gateways)" It has been a long time dream and has involved many Professionals that are dedicated to building a flexible and strong "Amateur Radio" IPV6 Mesh Network that is focused on world wide deployment for HAMs! At Present we are Under Construction!

July 28, 2023: Well, 3 years and 3 months later... The *FOG* has been busy playing with different technologies... Visit ham-radio-fog.org for details. Accomplishments of note are the Transcoding Server, completion of testing of AX25 and other packet applications on IPV6 Networks! I retired from SEPTA and we are moving forward with tests to build an IPV4/IPV6 Worldwide Mesh Network!

Again, Check back for updates... Chief [W4RFJ]